Hi Guys!

I'll try to keep this simple and less boring. My name is Humna, im 26 years old and I have a small blog that goes by my name. I use hashtags positivevibesonly and smallthingsthatmatter because thats what my blogs about.

Let me tell you where it all began.

Back in early 2016, I began to think a lot about little things that I felt were important to be brought up and needed to be changed. I felt that there is SO much we can do just as individuals to make a difference, and create a positive space for everyone around us. I realized that if we just started with ourselves, we can eventually make change. So in April 2016, I picked up the selfie camera, faced the world and started talking about small yet meaningful things that I felt strongly about over snapchat and instagram. That's what led to the start of Positive Vibes Only. Before I knew it, I had SO many people listening to me and responding telling me that it was actually helping them. It took a lot of courage and it wasn't all that easy but I'm proud of my vision today and I have come really far with it. Yay! Then with time, I grew my space bigger and better including fashion, lifestyle, relationships, travel and all things alike so here I am now, your lifestyle blogger/vlogger wishing you all the best of positive vibes. 

If you're up for being part of my vision, and want to advocate all good things with me, you're welcome to be a part of my PVO family! Its simple - Just subscribe! :D 

Lots of love, Humna Raza