Red lip season!

I recently went through all the beauty blogs to find out the colours for this winter in make-up and fashion. Top blogs said red is the colour this season! Yay! I usually don't wear red but now, I have decided to break away from my usual and go for the red. So today on the blog, I'm sharing three shades of red from three different brands that I own, and talking about how I feel about each one. 

Scaling vs Whitening

I felt the need to write this post because lately people have too many questions about whitening their teeth but there is a lack of focus on scaling when it's the more important one of the two. 

Teeth Whitening - Illuminus Kosmeticos

I was fortunate enough to try out the Teeth Whitening Strips from Illuminus Kosmeticos that have just started selling these in Pakistan.  Being a dentist myself, I consider myself the right person to give an honest review on the product.

Let's talk skin!

I get so many questions about skin care, but I'm not sure how to always answer them since I don't do much for my skin besides keeping myself super moisturised to keep it clear. Recently, however, I've come across multiple skin care products and want to share what I think.

I crave colour!

I was invited over at Faiza's salon by Keune, for the colour craving activity. I could choose from any of the colour craving series and I decided to go for Velvet Violet with a tinge of Lovely Lavender. 

Review - Nature Charms

So I've been testing Nature Charms products, because they're supposed to be natural and organic.  I'm trying to get rid of anything chemical-ly in my life. In the past few months, I've been sent several kinds of oils but I this is the first all natural 'cream' I've used.

Everyday Make up Products - FINALLY

I had planned on eventually posting about beauty, make up, fashion etc on the blog but what finally pushed me to it was your insistence on sharing my daily wear make-up products. What better way to tell you guys, than by writing a blog post. The good thing is, I don't use a lot of high-end make up products that are difficult to find here. So  most of the stuff that I' showing you is the sort you can easily come across. So here we are. This is what I wear, every day!