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Everyday Make up Products - FINALLY

Everyday Make up Products - FINALLY

I had planned on eventually posting about beauty, make up, fashion etc on the blog but what finally pushed me to it was your insistence on sharing my daily wear make-up products. What better way to tell you guys, than by writing a blog post. The good thing is, I don't use a lot of high-end make up products that are difficult to find here. So  most of the stuff that I' showing you is the sort you can easily come across.So here we are. This is what I wear, every day! 


  • Loreal True Match -

This foundation is definitely MY true match. The only one foundation that suits my ridiculously dry skin, and whats great is that it has the widest range of shades so you are BOUND to come across yours. You just have to put some effort into finding the right one. 

Sometimes, If i'm not using Loreal True Match, I use

  • Rimemel London Wake Me Up

It works just as great as True Match, but it has a slight illuminating effect as well. So if that's what you want then this one might look better on you. I kinda struggled in finding the right shade in this one but I use it in Soft Beige 200!


  • Rimmel London Match Perfection

So I mainly use a concealer for the purpose of hiding my dark circles because I have a serious dark circle problem. But the concealer I use has also a done great job at hiding scars and blemishes whenever I got them. It blends REALLY well if done right, and does not leave my skin dry. Make sure you apply in a sufficient amount and it'll give great coverage. I use it in natural beige 060. I also use it as a highlighter for contouring, the results are great! 


  • Rimmel Exaggerate
    The third Rimmel product! Wow. I didn't even realize I was using Rimmel so much, lol! But yes, my go-to eyeliner any day, every day. EASY to apply, neat finish, doesn't rub off, stays all day, and the pigment doesn't lighten either. Without ANY exaggeration, Exaggerate is the liner for me!


  • Maybelline New York - The Colossal Volum' Express
    To be honest, the ONLY mascara that ever worked for me. Either I didn't know how to apply them properly or something was wrong with my lashes. lol. But this one finally did it for me. It doesn't clog my lashes together, its not too thick, and it shows!


  • Rimmel London Scandaleyes
    This one isn't too bad. I use this one sometimes too but not like the other one because this one starts smudging out for some reason. So, its not my favorite but occasionally it works. 


  • NYX
    I generally prefer using peachy ones over pink ones, but the one I've been using is in a pink tone and for the first time, im loving it. Its NYX PB14 SPICE. 

Besides everything mentioned above, I sometimes add highlighters, and eye-shadow to my daily wear routine. With lipsticks I just go with the flow, whatever 'I feel like' in that moment. lol. For highlighter, I'm using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit, and for a natural look I use eye-shadows by Luscious Cosmetics - Divine Naturals. It's a very old palette but I can't let it go. They're all basic shades, with a neutral undertone that work when I want to look better than usual but not over-done. 

That's pretty much all I use. Nothing complicated, nothing difficult to find. I'm sorry I took so long with this. But I hope it still helps! If you guys want, i'll update this space with any additional products I use when I want to be 'video camera'-ready or 'shaadi-ready or party-ready! Let me know by commenting below. Much thanks <3

Find all pictures below.

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