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Teeth Whitening - Illuminus Kosmeticos

Teeth Whitening - Illuminus Kosmeticos


THIS HAS TO BE MY MOST AWAITED REVIEW! :O SO MANY MESSAGES FOR THIS ONE. Well, I'm finally giving the verdict so no worries :D

I was fortunate enough to try out the Teeth Whitening Strips from Illuminus Kosmeticos that have just started selling these in Pakistan.  Being a dentist myself, I consider myself the right person to give an honest review on the product.

The product contains 14 whitening strips, to be used over 7 days. One whitening strip is placed in one arch, upper or lower. It also comes with very clear instructions, important information, along with a shade card to compare with finishing results! :D

I LOVED the PRODUCT. lol. No exaggeration. I took my initial shade and noted it down. I started with a 7 and I WAS SUPER excited when I saw the change happening two days after I started using the product. My final shade was 5! My tooth colour changed by two shades. Applying the strips is easy, nothing technical or complicated however, the fifteen minute wait can be testing sometimes as they dissolve inside your mouth and you cant rinse it out until fifteen minutes are over. BUT, its totally worth it. 


I have some crowding in my teeth and hence had some stains which I wasn't expecting would go. With Illuminus Kosmeticos strips, even they managed to reduce considerably which was very surprising. If you're planning to use these strips, then its important to know that it ENTIRELY depends on your compliance. If you're going to be lazy and not use the strips 7 days in a row, then you will waste your money. The product definitely works, but your compliance, dedication and patience is necessary. 

Once 15 minutes are over, the strips are completely dissolved. You rinse it out, and brush your teeth. I usually did this process at night before sleeping, and brushing my teeth. 


Teeth whitening may usually cause some sensitivity, although I didn't have any at all. Some people may experience sensitivity and irritation. Make sure you're not allergic to any ingredient in the product and avoid putting it on your gums. 

What I loved about the product was that it was fast, effective, FDA approved and completely dissolves in your mouth. They are flavored so the taste isn't a problem either. Make sure you read all instructions and necessary information so that you don't have to experience anything unexpected. 

FINAL VERDICT: I recommend Illuminus Kosmeticos Teeth Whitening Strips 100% to anyone looking for a teeth whitening solution! :)

[The strips cost 3500 PKR and can be ordered online through their website]

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