The A&N Foundation - Donate for a great cause!

With Ramzan on its way, we're all looking for the right opportunities to give back to society! I have recently come across the A&N Foundation and really liked what they're working towards.
There are several scholarship opportunities for younger students, but we rarely find proper scholarships for higher education. The A&N Foundation is doing that for students who are unable to pursue their professional degrees due to financial constraints. 

How I threw a Diaper Bash for my Sister in Law <3

Hiiiii girls and boys!
So I recently threw a baby shower for my sister in law, last Saturday.. and it was followed by tonnes of questions from you. In the process of arranging the event I also found several useful people that helped me arrange decor and so I've decided to decided to share about them with you too! I'm going to be putting down here the entire process of the baby shower that we chose to call 'Diaper Bash' since it was a couples thing.  

Why I want to go to WIFF, and why you should too!

This year I'm going to be attending the Women International Film Festival, hosted by Women Through Film, that I unfortunately missed last year. I've been sharing about it on my story recently, which was followed by several questions from you guys asking what its all about. So I decided to put down some information for you all here on the blog. 

3D Lifestyle Bloggers Launch

I'm STILL getting several questions from you guys about the fat reduction therapy that I shared on my Instagram story a few weeks ago. So I decided to do a blog post about it to answer those questions and share all necessary information. 

Debunking Common Dental Myths - Whats the truth?

I've been thinking what my new blog post should be about. I asked myself if I had knowledge over anything that could help my readers in any way - suddenly it clicked. OF COURSE I had some knowledge I could impart. Lol. Being a dentist by profession, here are some common myths about dental hygiene that I want to clear.

The Truth Behind Blogging - The First Rule

The audience perceives instagram blogging as taking a picture, and posting it on Instagram. But are they wrong or what!? 😱 Guys, let's be real. Blogging takes some real effort and making your place in the rising blogging industry..NOT easy.

Pass It On with PVO

I constantly felt the need to give back. If God has blessed me with so much, and with the power and capacity to reach out and help then I should be doing just that. I found myself thanking God in words but it wasn't satisfying enough until I stepped out of my comfort zone and actually helped out people around me to gratify myself. Hence I started the 'Pass It On' drive. 

Being Happy for Others

Let’s take  a moment to admit to ourselves that we’ve disliked someone for no reason? Have you ever wondered may be it was just your envy? Don’t be afraid to admit it. It’s happened to all of us. Being envious is as common as feeling any other emotion.

Homecoming - Diary

To be honest, as enthusiastic as I was about FINALLY getting to be with my family and being home for good, I was ALSO...scared. Why? Because of not having anything to do, not having enough friends, not having an as eventful and exciting enough life as I had in Lahore, and just of growing up (for real! :P) So, I wanted to make sure that when I get back I have enough to do, and enough excitement in my life.