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3D Lifestyle Bloggers Launch

3D Lifestyle Bloggers Launch

Hi guys, 

I'm STILL getting several questions from you guys about the fat reduction therapy that I shared on my Instagram story a few weeks ago. So I decided to do a blog post about it to answer those questions and share all necessary information. 

3D Lifestyle itself is the name of the brand that offers the various medical aesthetics related procedures both for the face and body. These procedures, to name a few, include:

  • Non-surgical Fat Removal
  • Skin Tightening
  • Cellulite Removal 
  • Fat Freezing targeted Fat Removal 
  • Anti Aging
  • Chin Freeze
  • Eye Lift

I personally can't say much about all the treatments since I don't actually know. But what I do know is everything I witnessed at the demonstration I attended a few weeks ago at La Chirurgie in F8, Islamabad. 


The demonstration was conducted in the presence of an audience, and three doctors. I sat there in the audience thinking okay, let's see what all the hype is! They promised to deliver excess fat removal of about one inch from the abdominal area in 45 minutes. The volunteer was measured before the procedure [Upper abdomen - 39 Inches, Middle - 40, and Lower abdomen - 39.5 Inches]. He was made to lie down and treated with 3D cavitation method for fat removal. The good thing about the procedure was that it was completely non-invasive, pain free and non-surgical. The procedure consisted of three parts: cavitation, radiofrequency and shockwave  using ultra sound technology.


Why this procedure apparently has no side effects is because all it does is induce the natural process of fat removal of the body faster. It causes the body to break down the fats and using shockwave, take the broken down fat by the lymphatic system. This rids and removes the excessive fat and is considered safe.


Anyway, so while I sat there watching and waiting for it to end, I was REALLY curious about whether it was going to work. It all felt too good to be true. lol. So after about 45-50 minutes, once all three procedures were done, they re-measured his size and the results were

Upper Abdomen - 36 Inches
Middle Abdomen - 37 inches
Lower Abdomen -  37.5 inches


...When the results came out I was literally BLOWN away because I couldn't believe what I was seeing! Lol. But it was true and right there in front of me. The difference was also visible. They actually managed to deliver way more than they had promised in the first place, and the audience was literally stunned :O. It was VERY exciting to see, and I TOLD everybody what I saw once I went home lol. 


As for the demonstration, it was SUCCESSFUL. But I haven't gotten the procedure done personally yet. May be I will, and then I can probably share in more detail. Everything I shared now is everything I saw, not experienced.

3D fat removal technology has been around for about 10 years and has been successful so far. 3D Lifestyle has finally brought the technology from London, and made it available in Pakistan. They already have it in a number of clinics across the country and if you're looking for more details, pricing, locations etc then here's some contact information: 

  • Emai: info@3dlifestyle.pk
  • Website: www.3dlifesyle.pk
  • Phone number: 021-111-BEAUTY (232889)

I really hope this answers all your questions, because honestly I'm tired of answering them separately  :P and I've also attached the video of the events so check it out!

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