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Debunking Common Dental Myths - Whats the truth?

Debunking Common Dental Myths - Whats the truth?

I've been thinking what my new blog post should be about. I asked myself if I had knowledge over anything that could help my readers in any way - suddenly it clicked. OF COURSE I had some knowledge I could impart. Lol. Being a dentist by profession, here are some common myths about dental hygiene that I want to clear.

MYTH - Bleeding gums on contact means I should stop brushing my teeth for a while


Truth - Girls and boys, no. Gums don't bleed because they are 'hurt' in some way. Gums bleed when plaque and food debris hasn't been cleared out properly in a while and has accumulated. Bleeding gums mean you need to be more regular in your brushing (THOROUGH but gentle) and preferably twice a day.  If that doesn't work then you probably need to get your scaling done! Your teeth need some cleaning!

 MYTHTeeth are yellow only because of poor hygiene 


Truth - Take a deep breath because I know SO many people worrying that yellow teeth are associated to poor brushing habits. Not necessarily. It could be due to drinking excessive chaye, coffee and other drinks that cause staining and it could be due to smoking. AND guess what? SOME PEOPLE have naturally yellow teeth so no matter what they do, their teeth appear yellow. This is because they have thin enamels (the most outer covering of teeth) and the inner layer which is yellow shows! :) 

MYTH - Visibly healthy/whiter teeth are healthy teeth 

Truth - White teeth doesn't mean they are healthy. White teeth could be as exposed to cavities, infection and decay as much as non-white teeth. Just because your teeth appear healthy, and unaffected doesn't mean they're doing fine. Regular dental check-ups are REALLY important. I made this mistake as a kid, don't make it!  :(

MYTH - Bleaching weakens your teeth

 Truth - In recent times, the latest bleaching techniques have a neutral pH and do not weaken your teeth. The bleach affects the colour of your teeth, NOT their strength.  Bleaching causes temporary sensitivity for sure, but your teeth aren't weakened. No worries there. 


MYTH - Hard bristles on tooth brushes are better for my teeth

Truth - Do  yourselves a favour and use soft tooth brushes. They are better for your teeth. Your brushing doesn't need to be vigorous. It needs to be thorough. So use a soft tooth brush and brush all surfaces properly because if you're going to use one with hard bristles, you might end up LITERALLY brushing your tooth surface OFF. 

Okay so I think that's about it for now. I will be posting more on dental health from now on because my brain has now finally realized the fact that I have that knowledge to share as well. 
Thanks for reading, take care of your teeth, and remember positive vibes only! :D


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