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It’s so sad that we have NO plans for Eid this year and it’s going to be quite simple. Probably nothing actually. The preps will be more exciting because Eid kay din kuch karnay ko iss dafa hay he nai. There isn’t going to be any family around this time. Not even my own immediate family as ammi and the siblings are going out of town as well, but my susraal and I are here.

But because I love love love Eid, I have decided to make the most out of it by trying to enjoy the preparation as much as I can, all by myself.


The joras I’m wearing weren’t meant for Eid. I had gotten them earlier just to wear this summer but I didn’t get a chance to wear them yet, so I decided to just use two of those for Eid. They are both from Sapphire and have returned from the tailors (yay!). They both have embroidery and pretty dupattas but nothing extraaa. No cham cham, no kaam shaam, no funky stuff. I plan to work more with the make up and jewelry this time and look Eid decent. :D Plus I have been overdoing it the past couple of Eids, so I guess it’s time to calm down a lil bit.


For the sake of the Eid vibe, I want just one more outfit for the third day. I’m thinking of going down to the store called Pastels (@pastelsofficial) in Beverly Center, as they invited me over to pick something. They seem to have a different, and more simple style that should really make for the third outfit. If I get the time before Eid and find nothing I can re-wear from my wardrobe, then I’m GOING THEEERRREEE!

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I got a really pretty pair of khussas in PR not too long ago and I want to wear them on Eid. BOHOT BOHOT PYARAY hain. These are from @guldoziofficial and I fell in love with them when I got them. They are so beautifully crafted, the colours are gorgeous and they fit so well! I cant tell you my excitement. They are just gorgeous and I’ve been practicing a ton of patience :p so that I don’t wear them before Eid. I also plan to heel it one of the days, because OF COURSE. But I don’t know which ones though. Wo main Eid walay din he sochun gi.



Kya ab sab bata doon? No, Sorry. :p


So the twin cities bazaar is also happening tonight and tomorrow at PNCA from Iftar to Sehri. I’m going to take a trip there as well to see what it has to offer. Honestly, I don’t think I need anything but I’m going because it feels great and festive and feels like Eid. Going to this bazaar where the vibe is just EID - I’m going for that experience. I might buy something for my little sister from there if she likes something. It could be her Eidi.




I also plan to make 3-4 Eid boxes for deserving children. I did this many years ago before as well and I want to do it again. I plan to put in some fun things, toys, bangles, stationery, toothbrushes, and activity products. Little things like these can bring more joy to these children than we can probably even imagine so why not. Also, what better occasion to spread joy? It’s Eid! :)

I’m making the boxes for Operation Eid Child. You can find them here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/228565147487066/

“Last day to drop off boxes is the 29th of May. All over Pakistan.  Use Eidchild.com for drop off locations. (If there is no drop off location in the area you live in make a box and give it to the first deserving child you find!)”

What do you have in mind for yourself on Eid? Are all your plans already set? What other ways do you think we can spread joy on Eid?


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Kajal, Jhumkay and Mothers Day

Kajal, Jhumkay and Mothers Day