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How I spent Chaand Raat!

How I spent Chaand Raat!

I LOVE chaand raat and no matter whatttt, I have to go out for bangles and mehndi! It’s one of the best things about Eid.

Here are some things we did! ☺️

Quickly after chugging a big mug of chai, because I was feeling DEAD after aftari we headed out. First stop was chooriyan! We went to the nearest markaz and found a whole bunch of stalls for mehndi and chooriyan. However, I did feel that they were a bit less this time but I think that’s because it had rained cats and dogs just earlier that day. We went from one stall to another looking for bangles for my niece Mariah, my other niece Merai and my sister Cerene.  


The upside this time was that my niece is visiting these days, so I had someone to show around what it’s like but the downside was that my sister was super sick, discharged from the hospital that very same day and couldn’t come out with us!  

We were able to find bangles to go with most of Mariah’s outfits, and some for Cerene and Merai as well (except that it turns out, hers were just a little big :( even tho I bought the smallest size! Lol) - Then we decided that our next plan of action should be MEHNDI.  


For that we stopped over at Porcelain Salon. We had to wait about an hour because of people before us and by this time I was ridiculously sleepy lol. After waiting and waiting and waiting, I let Mariah go first. While doing that I got my hair done for the next day of Eid yay! Then my turn came up and I got a super simple design because that’s what I generally prefer. The mehndi artist was very talented, the designs were pretty but the colour didn’t come out nice - oh well!


After the LONG 2.5 hour mehndi session, we picked up flowers and went over to meet my sister. We gave her the flowers, the bangles and Mariah put amazing mehndi for her. That was super sweet and it was VERY well done. Her colour came out nice as well! Lucky! Hehe. 


We got home and without even sitting down, I went into the dining room and set up everything for the dinner tomorrow. Table setting is kind of a big deal at our house. It took about 20 minutes, after which all I wanted was to have food because I thought I will cry with big fat tears if I didn’t eat anything now lolol. So then I downed a big McDonald’s meal, chatted away for a couple of hours with my husband and then kept lying in bed until it was morning time! Lol. I just couldn’t sleep and it was the absolute worst because we had a dinner at our house and the day was going to be hectic. 

Since it was almost time for namaz, I made breakfast for Muzamil and my father in law so they eat before going, woke Muzamil up, set them off and then finally WENT to sleep at 7.15 am lol (Only to wake up at 10 am!) And that ladies and gentlemen was my chaand raat that ended in the morning. How I survived Eid day 1, you can probably imagine! :) 

What's in my Office?

What's in my Office?