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How I threw a Diaper Bash for my Sister in Law  <3

How I threw a Diaper Bash for my Sister in Law <3

Hiiiii girls and boys!
So I recently threw a baby shower for my sister in law, last Saturday.. and it was followed by tonnes of questions from you. In the process of arranging the event I also found several useful people that helped me arrange decor and so I've decided to decided to share about them with you too! I'm going to be putting down here the entire process of the baby shower that we chose to call 'Diaper Bash' since it was a couples thing.  


We went for a theme that was gender neutral. Not because we were hiding the gender but because my sister in law doesn't like pink so much. We went for yellow (that has been her favourite colour from the beginning of time) with grey (because we wanted to add elephants and clouds for all cute vibes!)

I was counting on finding someone who could send me the theme related decor from walayt but that didn't work out. That meant I had to do this one myself..uhoh. I had never done something like this before so I was very unsure about how I'll pull this off specially because I really needed this to be PERRFECCCT for Sumayah! <3 ( I MEAN, FIRST BABY SHOWER..HELLO!?) 

Anyways, once we had the theme out of the way, we finalised the location. We wanted it to be an outdoor setting so we went for Aqs Aka Nirvana. Booked the outdoor area (wo alag baat hay it rained that day and we moved it indoors) with a pretty fountain, decided the menu, paid the advance and viola..job done. woohoo! Then I looked for a photographer and decided to go with Escube Photoworks who ended up doing a great job covering our tiny event and we couldn’t be happier. However, once that was done, the real deal was still remaining.. the decor. 


I CLUELESSLY bought lots of grey, yellow and white chart paper, glaze paper, ribbons, banners and got to work. I cut out lots and lots of elephants to begin with, and clouds. I scavenged through pinterest to see what all I could possibly make and finally decided. 

First things first. I made onesies, grey and yellow ones. They were supposed to serve as cards that people could write advice for the parents to be on and then hang them out on a fish wire just like the wash line. I had a feeling that would be a good idea, and it was lol, cause it managed to look cute just like I wanted to. 


The clouds and elephants I made were put up everywhere at the venue. We put up elephants on the pillars, and the clouds on a fishwire because that made most sense, along with these yellow decorative round things that I have no idea what they are called. I also made these round sayings that said ‘oh baby!’ Happy new girl’ ‘it’s a girl’ and ‘shes about to pop!’ They were put around randomly as well. 

For the cake table backdrop I had more clouds and elephants. A baby, mommy and daddy elephant and balloons. For the cake table itself, I had:

  • Obviously the cake itself - Made by IG: @ttskitchen 
  • Cupcakes made by ^
  • Yellow Tissue paper which I bought from Miraj Books in F-10
  • Chocolates wrapped in yellow glace paper
  • Yellow Chupa Choops
  • Yellow skittles in a jar
  • A cage decorated with yellow flowers
  • A banner

I honestly couldnt afford a proper dessert table with yellow desserts so I had to come up with ways I could do this myself and thats what I did!


For the center pieces, the master mind Maha (Sumayah's best friend) used cages, filled inside with paper flowers which were the courtesy of a very nice young girl from the paper lounge (IG:@thepaperlounge), and on the sides with real yellow flowers. It gave a very complete and very pretty look. We also randomly put up these yellow+grey round sayings that I made over them. Maha also brought really cute alphabet sheets that everyone at the event coloured and signed to help make the baby's first ABC book. YAY! 


We had party favours that were done LAST MINUTE by Parfait Party. I can never everrrrrrr thank them enough. They didn't just do them last minute, but also did them by hand and PERSONALIZED them for Sumayah.  It was the sweetest and a job VERY well done! 


We had a photobooth that was made by IG: @propspk and photo props that I had my other Sister in Law sent from America. 


That's pretty much about it for the event. If you guys would like to see DIYs of how I made everything, then please comment below, and I'll write another blog post on it. Thank you for reading! 
Love and PVO,
Humna Raza

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