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Kajal, Jhumkay and Mothers Day

Kajal, Jhumkay and Mothers Day

Hellllooooo! I celebrated quite the Sunday today! :D

I woke up with the thought that it’s mothers day and the first thing I did was text my mom and wished her a happy one. I may or may not have cried a tear or two after that because my brain was flooded with memories of the past with my mom, dad and siblings. The moment passed soon and suddenly, I was excited about Sunday because I remembered TODAY I’m going to oil my hair! :D lol

Morning hair and face, and a sleeping Muzamil in the back

Morning hair and face, and a sleeping Muzamil in the back

So I had to choose between

The Mustard Oil from Serene Oraganics or The Combination Oil from Calm and Balm


I decided to go for the mustard one. When I put it in my hair and gave myself a well deserved head-massage, I had a second moment of memories from the past. The smell of the mustard oil reminded me of the time when Ammi used to oil our hair one after the other - me, abbu, bhaijan and Cerenes. Those were the best kinda Sundays.


I thought since I’m indulging in all this self-care today, then I might as well jump onto my skin as well. I used this Shea face mask by Bath & Body Works and looked like a serial killer for about ten minutes while I had it on, and used that time to sit quietly and make some personal prayer.

That oily hair tho :p

That oily hair tho :p

I clearly didn’t have much to do today and bohot farigh time tha so I spent an hour watching youtube, a half an hour singing in the shower, and another hour just existing in my robe, lol after which I decided bus bohot ho gya hay and got ready.

The blasts from the past I had been having since this morning urged me to wear kajal (I used the lakme one) and lip gloss just like I used to before. Those were the only two things I used to apply on my face as a teenager. I felt experimental and nostalgic and added the two in my make up today after YEARS. (ALSO lip gloss had made it back into fashion but I hadn’t tried it yet). I also decided to add jhumkay to my look later which I wore for the first time today. (From @rangchamkay). IT MADE ME SO HAPPY. I don’t know why but it was a nice feeling to wear kajal, gloss and jhumkay. The hair felt great, the skin felt better, I looked different, felt different - everything was awesome.


In other news, Muzamil looked nice today too. I got this shirt for him from Vineyard Vines, and I always feel the colour looks gr8 on him, so I took a picture lolol.


Shaam ko I went and bought two beautiful rose bouqets. One for my ammi and one for my saas. I took too long in deciding the flowers I wanted to buy but somehow roses ki feels aa rahi thi so I just decided on roses. THEY ARE SO PRETTY. I dropped them over to my moms who was completely unsuspecting of the flowers so that was great :D! I sat down with my family for a bit but not for too long because I needed to get home, give flowers to my mother in law, and get some sleep before sehri.


That was it for my EPIC Sunday full of tiny happy things. The time I got entirely to myself in the morning with nothing on my mind has to be something I’ve been craving. Today I was happy and I hope you had a wonderful Sunday too <3

Good night blog readers!

Think happy thoughts and have a wonderful week. See you really soon <3

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