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Let's Make Neman Ashraf's Eid!

Let's Make Neman Ashraf's Eid!

Today I want to talk to you guys about Neman Ashraf.

During the day Neman is a grade 5 police constable working in Pakistan Police. During the night Neman is a self taught blogger who is Pakistan's top answer-er on Quora with over 4 million views. 

Neman belongs to a lower middle-class family. He got his education from a government school and holds a Matriculation degree.

I came across Neman’s profile on Quora, a kind of a social network where users post questions which can be subsequently answered by other users, when Mangobaaz and ProPakistani covered his story not too long ago. 

It was just absolutely awesome! He has an impeccable style of writing and he answers all questions with so much detail you'd be surprised. The best part: He learnt english, blogging, answering questions on Quora, EVERYTHING on the internet. For him, internet was the gateway to achieving amazing things and representing his country in the best of ways and he did just that.

You can check some of his posts:

Here, here and here.

Now here's the twist:

Recently, in one of the questions Neman answered, he mentioned that his old laptop, which he's been using for 5 years recently died. Being a police constable, he can't afford a new one and even if he does get one, it will be second hand. Now, being a strong believable of the power of social media and the generosity of Pakistanis, I decided to write to all of you for help!

Here's what I've decided, let's all pool in some money and buy Neman an awesome laptop so that he can continue his journey of representing Pakistan in all the amazing ways that he does. If literally like a 100 of us just put in a 1000 PKR each, we can get this man a good quality high end laptop by the end of the day and make someone's entire year! Let's get together and make Neman's Eid come early. What say you? :D

You can transfer the money to my personal account at:

Bank: Standard Chartered Bank

Account Name: Syed Muhammad Muzamil Hasan

Account Number: PK18SCBL0000001714776301


you can JazzCash the money to me on 03002538239.

On my part, I will make sure of the following:

  • Track all your money and if we exceed the amount, get more goodies for Neman. More donations == Bigger package! :D
  • Share the video of meeting Neman and giving him the goodies!


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