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What to watch on Netflix?

What to watch on Netflix?

If you’re that little rebel in society who doesn’t watch Game of Thrones (lol!) or simply cannot pass your time waiting for the next episode, and are also out of ideas on what to watch then this blog post has been written for you, you and YOU.

I know that sometimes you open Netflix and just don’t know where to go from there. Aik kay baad aik you just scroll through and can’t decide. I want to save you from that trouble right now. Adding in this blog post the shows/movies I’ve seen recently and also my all time favourites. ENJOYYY.



  • DIRTY JOHN - Very creepy but very interesting. The fact that this is a true story is what makes it worth watching. Currently, the documentary and show are both available on Netflix. You can watch any. I watched the show. The plot revolves around a conman, and what he does to almost destroy this woman’s life while her daughters are out to expose him! I won’t share the details because NO spoilers.

  • PINKY MEMSAB - What a wonderful Pakistani movie. I loved LOVED Pinky’s acting - she lifted the whole movie up. It’s about a woman from Pakistan who moves to Dubai to work as a maid for this Pakistani family. Simple plot excellently executed. Not a waste of your time.

  • KIM’S CONVENIENCE - Not a new show, but new season just released. I love the humor. Its silly and its fun and its just the perfect cute show to watch with your family. It’s about a Korean family living in Canada who own a convenience store. It’s super light and I save it for days I want to feel completely relaxed, and don’t want to watch anything intense.

  • 12 MONKEYS - This is based on the old move 12 monkeys and is a very intense show. Always leaves you with a cliff hanger. There is a lot of time travel; past, future, present and again back to the past. So if you’re into suspense and intense stuff, watch it. (I loved it) Also, the lady in the show though - I’m COMPLETELY WOMAN CRUSHING <3

  • LITTLE THINGS - This show is everything you wanna watch after a long day. Just shows the mundane life of a cute couple, struggling to get their life together. The title speaks for itself. Completely non-dramatic. The conflict is always something you can relate to because it’s straight out of real life and not stuff that only happens in movies. SUPER relatable and all about the little things.

  • HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE - I may warn you that this might have you feeling a little disturbed when you’re watching it but it is without a doubt, an EXCELLENT show. Its scary, a little bit, but not a lot. Unlike most scary movies/shows, its not ACTUALLY about the haunting. It’s real themes are family, mental health, and internalizing experiences from the past. 100/100.

  • PATRIOT ACT WITH HASSAN MINHAJ - Great stand up comedy. Dekh lain mood hay tau.

  • TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE - Cutest chick flick. BOHOT cute hay. Just watch it. Funny, sweet, silly, warm. All of it is this movie.

  • SACRED GAMES - The end of the season will leave you with a cliff hanger. Suspense and drama because this is like a detective show but not really a detective show. Watch Saif Ali Khan get to the bottom of some serious business and some of his personal issues from the past.

  • YOU - This show is about a stalker so yes it’s creepy. They’ve successfully put you in the head of stalker and made you think what a stalker thinks, and why he does what he does. QUITE INTERESTING. Watch at your own risk.

Other recommendations:

  • Memories of Alhambra (Korean)

  • How to get away with Murder

  • Russian Doll

  • Black Mirror

  • Queer Eye

  • FYRE festival - The greatest party that never happened (okay may be this should have been in the list above)

  • Set it up

There are more but I think these are it for now. And agar abhi bhi nai samajh aa raha tau aap phir say FRIENDS, Gilmore Girls ya Brooklyn 99 laga kay beth jaen. :P At the end of the day, you always do end up having a good time even with the same old. lol.

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