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My Survival Kit

My Survival Kit


SMALL POST FOR A SMALL SURVIVAL KIT. Hehe. Thought I'd let you guys in on some of the things I cannot live without. These are things besides the obvious like air, water, food, my phone and my charger lol! I really thought about what all these things could be that I use like every single day bila naagha besides the obvious and this is what I came up with:


I'm absolutely blind without them. SO BLIND that when I'm done with threading at the parlour and the lady says theek hay? I get out of my chair and literally GO INSIDE THE MIRROR to see haha. I CANNOT function without them. It's like a big BLURRINESS. So this tops my survival kit for sure.



Umm... I mean if I don't have my planner then I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I dunno whether its the fact that I have so much stuff to do or the fact that I'm so dependent on a planner to remind me things, that I REALLY can't remember what I needed to do for THE LIFE OF ME, unless I see it written in there. SO yeah, I'm excessively dependent on that as well. 


OK. MAKE UP PRODUCT I WILL NEVER GIVE UP. Mainly because I have TWO really BIG BAGS...I mean EYE BAGS... under my eyes. And if I don't conceal them, the world thinks I'm exhausted when I'm not. Truth is, it makes me look and feel fresh and more confident like IM UP AND ALIVE! If I'm feeling it, it's gotta show too, right? And literally the only one that does it for dark circles like mine is the Nars Cream Concealer. (It's highlighting as well)



Well, truth be told I have no skin care routine lol. I know that's very bad. I don't look after my skin but if there is ONE thing (the one and only thing) I do religiously is take my make up off before I sleep. I mean, if the concealer is in my survival kit, the make up remover has to be too lol. This one works like magic, removes all sorts of heavy make up AND doesn't feel like a thing on my skin because of it containing Argan Oil. SO yeah, this has to be in my tiny survival kit too!


Soooo, I guess that's about it. Aur kya he hona chayay? OH HAAN. A moisturizer too because my skin is INSANELY dry and I have to keep it hydrated and moisturized. Anyway, I really wonder what your survival kits would contain..Mujhay tau aur kuch nai samajh aa raha hay. And I guess that's fine right? It's a kit and it's supposed to be small so yeah. :D Thanks for caring enough to read this post though. I really appreciate that haha (promise!)

Love and PVO,
Humna <3

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