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The A&N Foundation - Donate for a great cause!

The A&N Foundation - Donate for a great cause!

Hello everyone!

With Ramzan on its way, we're all looking for the right opportunities to give back to society! I have recently come across the A&N Foundation and really liked what they're working towards.
There are several scholarship opportunities for younger students, but we rarely find proper scholarships for higher education. The A&N Foundation is doing that for students who are unable to pursue their professional degrees due to financial constraints. 

I met with one of the co-founders, Natasha to discuss how I could help in generating funds for the foundation. I suggested we spread the word using my blog as I plan to use this platform, specially during Ramzan for all such causes. I discussed in detail what the foundation will be doing, so here is some information that you may find useful if you are interested in donating. 

  • The A&N Foundation targets students who in the middle of their programs are forced to drop out due to financial stress. I personally feel that this is a very necessary step because I have met people who have unfortunately had to go through this. At a time like this, one needs a proper and systematic solution to ease financial stress rather than adhoc and random loans from family members and such. 
  • Since the foundation is relatively new, as of now, they support students from LUMS, GIKI, IBA & AKU. These being the top universities of Pakistan. Slowly with growing funds and our donations, they hope to expand in future. 
  • During my discussion with Natasha, she also shared that they don’t set a GPA cut-off for our vetting process. That means their selection criteria is entirely based on the financial need and not the students' merit. Everybody deserves an opportunity to get education!
  • Furthermore, I learned that the A&N Foundation also allows donors to name the scholarship after themselves and they even memorialize people by setting up a scholarship fund in their name.
The A&N Foundation is a Pakistani non-profit organization dedicated to evaluating and fulfilling the financial needs of university students from all over Pakistan.

Here are links to their social media and online pages

  1. Our website - www.theaandnfoundation.org

  2. Our Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/theanfoundation27/

  3. Our Instagram - @the_an_foundation

If you want to donate, here are some of the ways:

  • You can donate either by finding one of the donation boxes found at the following places in Islamabad: Burning Brownie  (F11 and Beverly) & KhokaKola

  • You can donate by transferring funds to the following Bank Account. Here are the details:

Account Title: The A&N Foundation
Account number: 0317 0103 0971 61
Branch Code: 0317
Bank: Meezan Bank Limited
IBAN: PK96MEZN0003170103097161
Swift Code: MEZNPKKA
Branch Code: 0317
Bank: Meezan Bank Limited
Bank Address: Plot Q-13, College Road, F7, Islamabad, Pakistan


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