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Why I want to go to WIFF, and why you should too!

Why I want to go to WIFF, and why you should too!

Hi everyone!

This year I'm going to be attending the Women International Film Festival, hosted by Women Through Film, that I unfortunately missed last year. I've been sharing about it on my story recently, which was followed by several questions from you guys asking what its all about. So I decided to put down some information for you all here on the blog. I believe in supporting and encouraging causes like Women Through Film and help them get the word around because I know we all love food and music events, but what else though? What about something that is a conversation starter? Women International Film Festival is the perfect opportunity for all of us here at Islamabad to attend something a bit more different but definitely something worth spending our time on. 

WIFF provides a platform for women aspiring to be film makers. It gives them the chance to explore their film making skill and learn from and interact with other women film makers. BUT NOT ONLY THAT, its also the platform to share stories, highlight issues, and talk about things that we must! WIFF will help us celebrate not only film-making but also women, their talent, and their unrelenting strength in times of struggle. It’s not something you get to experience in Islamabad everyday, so you don’t want to miss it! It's being held on the 11th of March, at Pakistan National Council of Arts. 


Here are some things I REALLY want to share with you and I know about WIFF  

The Woman behind Women Through Film

Women Through Film is Madeeha Razas brain child. Her personal struggle in the film industry as a woman led to the birth of Women Through Film. Realizing the problems women have in film-making, Madeeha was very passionate about solving this problem. Hence she started Women Through Film; The idea is making films on women, by women.  I recently met with her and immediately knew I must jump on board to support her work because the cause is worthy and her passsion is real! 

An event full of films

The films will revolve around relatable and engaging topics that will drive much-needed and healthy conversation. WIFF promises to deliver exciting films with nothing boring on screen! The best part about the festival is it's international nature which will highlight ideas not only by our local film makers but those from other countries such as UK, USA, Ghana, Tajikistan, India, and Egypt etc. 

Not just Films

The event features more than just films and documentaries. They're going to have stand up comedy, musical performances, panel discussions, speakers,  and an award ceremony.The event promises to end with 'Filmy Dinner' which is exclusively for film makers, and other amateur aspiring film makers and students to get together and have en enlightening and inspiring discussion to share and learn. 

Discussion and Interacation


The event is also hosting panel discussions that will drive Q&As and important conversations with the film makers participating. This will provide the perfect opportunity to interact and indulge in conversation with the film makers about their films or film making in general. 

It's for Free

The best part about  WIFF is the fact that it's completely free of cost. Why would anyone miss the opportunity of attending this film festival specially when it's free and completely worth your time! What would you rather do on a weekend?

How to attend the event?

However to attend the event, registration is mandatory and I would suggest you do it now before it closes. Don't miss out on attending something different for a change, something passion-driven, thought-provoking and entertaining at the same time! 

I hope to see you there and together indulge in some wonderful films and enlightening conversation. 

Follow the link here to register!

Follow the link here to know more

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