Yearly Reflection Letters and Results! YAAY!

‘FINALLYYYY” - I know that’s what you’re thinking. lol. I just want to say I’m terribly sorry for taking that long. Honestly. I was just so insanely busy that even though I gave this a significant amount of time, I still had a crazy load of things to do and could only manage enough. But anyway, let’s talk about more exciting things! :D

Yearly Reflection 2018 - Part II: Personality Assessment

OKAY SO IT'‘S SOO IMPORTANT TO LOOK BACK AND ASSES YOURSELF AS A PERSON > WHY AM I SHOUTING? I DUNNO, OKAY ILL STOP. So as I was saying, it’s very necessary to reflect on how you behaved as a person this year. Being self aware is so utterly important that I can’t even like start about it. It helps you identify who you are, and build yourself from there. It leads to self love, acceptance, empathy and the ability to understand yourself and others much much better So here’s a small exercise that will help you look into yourself. : :)

Yearly Reflection 2018 - Part III: Emotions

Before continuing I just want to thank you for coming this far with me! We’re almost there :) - Today is about emotions. We’re going to reflect on how we feel a lot of the times, how well managed out emotions are and how much are we even connected to them. Learning about your emotions and how you feel about certain things, really helps put things into perspective and reflect upon what made you feel a certain way so that you reacted/responded in a certain way. So yeah. let’s do this.

Yearly Reflection 2018 - Part IV: A Final look at 2018

Please fill out your yearly reflection form to reflect over your year 2018. This is the last and most important form. Feel free to share what you feel like and submit to participate. Don't forget to enter your address! Write what you really feel, self-reflection is always a positive step. :) Tomorrow (30th December) is the last day for all entries in case you have any remaining left, you have one more day!

Some Things we should Absolutely NOT Say

I recently asked my followers on instagram a question that I really wanted answers to. I wanted to know the most common answers to this question. I wanted to know how people feel about certain things and how, as an influencer, I can shed light on this.

The Importance of understanding Negative Emotions

Before you get out there and try to be yourself, it’s very important to understand the person you are. Knowing that is called being Self Aware. Self Awareness means understanding your potential, knowing your values, accepting your flaws, enhancing your strengths and empowering the best version of yourself. All this comes from really thinking (see: meditating) about yourself. 

How to be yourself in a world that will always confuse you!

A lot of times things that happen will feel like they’re the end of the world. If you ask yourself why you feel like that, many times your answer will be: because people made you think like that.

Bad grade? End of the world. Gap year? End of the world. Rejected rishta? End of the world. Messed up a stage performance may be? End of the world. And even a bad haircut? End of the world. All because of what people say.

How to end the year with PVO?

See, the start of the new year really depends on how you end this one. The best part of the new year is, you get to decide how you plan to live it and how you plan to make it better than the last one for yourself. Remember: Your life is YOURS, and you get to decide how you want to feel about it and happiness really does come from within. So let's talk about how you can start the new year without carrying the unnecessary baggage from 2017 and start fresh! 

Yearly Reflection 2017

Hi! Please fill out your yearly reflection form to reflect over your year 2017! Feel free to share what you feel like and submit to participate. Don't forget to enter your address! I will write back to a winner with giveaways. Thank you for participating!

What I learned from my father <3

I lost my father to cancer when I was 17 years old. In his lifetime, I learned a lot from him through his faith, and his love. Even though, I have come along way since his demise, he seems to be at the bottom of every heartache I feel.

Sit Like a Lady?

Over time, societal expectations of how women should behave have embedded themselves so deeply into our lives that we often fail to see their oppressive and overwhelming influence. These expectations attempt to fit every woman into one small box of what is considered acceptable and desirable, and inculcate into our minds damaging gender norms that inhibit personal development.  

Ayesha Gulalai: Where we messed up

I was casually scrolling through Twitter when I first read about Ayesha Gulalai's sexual harassment accusation against Imran Khan. My first reaction was of disbelief followed by distress as I saw the trajectory of public opinion regarding the matter.