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Amna's Story - The best assistant ever!

Amna's Story - The best assistant ever!

Hey everyone! 

I've recently hired an assistant for the blog + business and she's been working with me for over a month now. I wanted to share her story with you all on the blog today!

Amna is only 17 years old and studies in Commerce College for Girls. She is doing icom from there and is hoping to work as a banker in future or any office job. I hired her as my assistant because even though she is still really young, she is very driven and wants to be self-sufficient. I could personally have hired someone who had a background similar to mine but I wanted Amna for the very reason that she was passionate about learning. 


Amna says that she doesn't belong to a very well-off family and needs to make money to manage funds for her own education. She lives with her family and they have an extremely modest background. She doesn't depend on her parents for her education. When she was only in 4th grade, her father fractured his leg and he couldn’t walk normally anymore. She had to drop out of school because of financial constraints and constantly had to grow up having her parents tell her that they wish she was a boy so she could have been more helpful.

"And that is what drives me. I work just so my parents don't have to wish I was a boy or feel like I wasn't good enough." 

The more unbelievable part of Amna's story is that after dropping out school in 4th grade, she only went back to studying for her matric exams that she studied for herself with the help of a tutor. She gave those exams privately, managed to score REALLY WELL, and finally went straight to college now! So even though she missed a good 6 years of school, she made it here.


   “I prayed and I prayed and I prayed so much to pass my matric exams! And I believe I only made it because of my prayers. Allah always listens if you put your heart into it!”

Why I hired Amna was because I didn't want someone working for me and feeling the grunt of the work as dumb. I wanted someone who had something substantial to learn and gain from me. Amna who didn't even know a thing about instagram, is now a pro. Amna says she has learned to use email, excel files, word documents, DSLR camera, Instagram, and is being able to apply her accounting knowledge. She also understands ecommerce, using websites, google, and the idea of digital marketing! She shoots my videos, takes my photos, manages my accounts, my schedules and the inventory for Inspire Me. She now understands blogging, youtube, digital media and has taken courses online while working with me to learn new skills.

If there is anything I've learned from working with Amna, is that true leadership affects change if you really put your heart into it. Anybody who wants to learn, WILL learn. Recognizing the potential in someone and helping them achieve it was something I didn't know I could do but wanted to. With Amna, I have also seen that jis nay DIL say seekhna hotta hay ya karna hotta wo kar leta hay..chahay wo jo bhi ho. Amna is really smart, and she's learned so much only because she has it in her! She is going to have to go back to school once the summer is over and that sucks for me, but she's going to go back as someone with a greater amount of skills and knowledge and that has always been the purpose. People who work for you, should ALWAYS have something to learn from you, should be able to take something from you they really need and ultimately have something to give back. :) Waisay bhi, kehtay hain kay kisi ki rozi barhanay say aap kay apny kaam main barkat paida hotti hay aur Allah aap ki rozi main bhi izzaafa paida karta hay. And after having Amna on board, I’ve witnessed the reality of it ❤️ 

Thank you for reading Amna’s story! She was very excited about this feature! ☺️ Comments I can share with her would be appreciated. 

Love and PVO, 


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