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Tips on Blogging - Passing down some wisdom ;)

Tips on Blogging - Passing down some wisdom ;)


So this post isn’t a ‘How to start a blog’ or “Steps on how to blog’ - These are tips!! Tips means things that I believe in, that I have learned, that are not formulas, that are not a step by step guide, but things that are mine. These tips are an amalgamation of all the things that my heart and brain have learned about blogging. This is why this blog post is not just for newbie bloggers, its for all the bloggers ever. New, old, and aspiring etc.


(Also please excuse my typos, I didn’t read this again because I have too much to do and want to sleep early. Thank you for understanding. Love and all)

1. Credibility is key. To create an influence in any category that you want, you must build your credibility in it. Why should it matter if it comes from you? People need to know about the person behind the words and photos. It creates all the difference in the world.

2. Purpose - Any blog should have a purpose. What is the objective you're trying to achieve with blogging?  People need to see what it is that you really care about. Talk about things you ACTUALLY care about. Your content should be driven by your passion.   

3. Genuine - Don't pretend to be something or someone you're not. You don't have to do EVERYTHING or do EVERY SINGLE COLLAB or TRENDING TOPIC. If something isn’t your thing, turn it down. It's not you so you don't need to do it. I have turned down several collabs because I'm no queen in those areas and it just isn’t me. For example, I love doing my own make up but turn down certain make up collabs because I have no exceptional skills. That brings me to point 1. I don't have credibility in that area , so I won't talk about it as an expert. I can maximum share a couple of things I like and that’s about it. What I’m saying is that you need to  be true to yourself. People follow blogs for the bloggers (the people) more than they follow for the website.

4. Photos - Your photos don't have to be the best but they have to be real. A lot of people get pictures taken in natural backgrounds, and that seems less genuine. It’s fine sometimes, ofc and specially if you ARE in natural settings. But take pictures in urban settings. In areas you ACTUALLY visit. REAL REAL REAL.


5.  What you wish to share or don't wish to share is completely up to you. You decide which part of your lives you want to share with people, and which you don't. Go for what YOU are comfortable with. It's not about what others choose to share. It's about your comfort.

6. DO NOT SELL YOURSELF YOUR SHORT OR LONG. Be aware of your position and influence in the industry. Don't let brands and agencies exploit you. Creating content IS HARD, specially when you create quality content. BOHOT mehnat karni parti hay. Tau haan, apni mehnat ko value karaain.

7. Listen to your followers - value their feedback. What your followers say or think matters. Love your readers. Derive content from their opinions and what they want to hear FROM YOU. They ask, you just have to listen and pay attention to them. Understanding who your audience is helps to create relatable and informative content.

8. Learn from mistakes and failures. Question and reflect. What am I doing wrong that I don't have enough followers or readers? Do I need to find a unique point? Think about ways to make yourself different.  Why should people follow YOU? If your content fails, get to the bottom of why it fails. LEARNING FROM FAILURE IS EPIC.

9. Give it time. Push your capabilities. Start with however much you are capable of doing, and THEN push your boundaries slowly. SLOW and steady is better than a quick, one-shot success. Take your timeeeeeeeeeee. Learn. ONE STEP AT A TIME.

10. Be regular, be consistent and be dedicated. You have to work hard. It's not a piece of cake. You have to put in that effort CONSTANTLY. There are times when the engagement is terrible, your numbers are stuck and it feels like nobody is interested. Try to understand why but keep going.

11. Limited resources are never the problem. Limited motivation is.  


12. Try not to take an offensive tone if you want to create influence in an area. Have a welcoming tone. Offensive tones create further polarization. If you want to build a narrative around an unpopular opinion and write about it, or one that is bound to have disagreements, be nice about it.  It’s okay. Not everyone has to agree with you.

13. Don't hate on negative feedback. Some people actually point out things that are logical. Learn to differentiate between illogical mindless hate, and valuable feedback. I know that negative criticism also hurts, and it can feel like climbing a mountain to admit you're wrong. But at least don't say hurtful things. For mindless, illogical hate DO NOT stoop to the same level. Disagree but with a level of respect in your tone, because then it might make a difference. But if you disagree in an illogical and disrespectful manner, it’s bound to make things worse. Don't use words like 'get a life.' That’s  mindless, illogical hate. If you wish to indulge or call someone out, try to be logical. And if you feel like something is so absolutely absurd that nothing logical can be send, then that’s the sign of saying nothing but blocking and deleting. You don’t need that kinda negativity in your life *flips hair*

14. If you have knowledge in any area. Share it. Tell them what you know. Knowledge is taken to be given.

15. Last but not the least, be conscious of the influence you have. It's a responsibility. If you're sure you’re willing to take it, only then take the leap.

Hope this helps you! <3

Love and Positive Vibes Only,

Humna Raza

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