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How to end the year with PVO?

How to end the year with PVO?

Hiiiiiii guys and Asalamoalaikum!

I've been using the hashtag End the Year with Positive Vibes Only, but what does it really mean? 
See, the start of the new year really depends on how you end this one. The best part of the new year is, you get to decide how you plan to live it and how you plan to make it better than the last one for yourself. Remember: Your life is YOURS, and you get to decide how you want to feel about it and happiness really does come from within. So let's talk about how you can start the new year without carrying the unnecessary baggage from 2017 and start fresh! 


The first important thing you need to do is let go off any unpleasant grudges in your heart. Trust me, forgiveness is the only way to come to terms with yourself, to heal, and to MOVE ON. If someone has really REALLY hurt you in the past year, clear your heart from all bitterness, remove the dirt and decide to move on. It's the only way to heal faster. You really don't have to love this person, forgiveness just means letting the bad energy go. TO NEW AND BETTER THINGS!

Closure and unfinished business

Been thinking a lot of things to say or even ask in your head? Well, you need to bring them up. If there's something you really want..then find a way to try to for it one last time before the year ends, and if there is something you really need to ask or say to someone, then do it and clear the air. But only knowing, that whatever comes out of it, you will accept and move on with. Find closure in loosely hanging relationships, and finish any unfinished business so that when the next year starts, you aren't stuck exactly where you were before. 

Rid yourself of EXTRA things

Go through all your things and evaluate what you actually used, hardly used, and didn't use at all? Then decide what you want to get rid of and give it away. There is no need to take random clutter further into your life. It actually really feels good to get rid of things you really don't need. You'll be surprised to know how much you really have, and how much you can give. It's specially great if you can help someone out with things you consider junk/clutter. 


With life and things happening, you may have forgotten to spend enough time with people you love the most. So take this time to reconnect with people that you are closest to. Take some time out and rekindle important relationships. 


Think about all you've learned this year, everything you've overcome, challenges you've faced and discoveries you've made. Be grateful for how far you have come and think about what you would like to improve. Here's a link to my reflection page if you need help to reflect!


Thank and Give

Thank and appreciate anyone who made the year easier or better for you, anyone who touched you or inspired you. And if you can take the time out, then give or do something good to give yourself motivation to keep it up next year. 


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