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Yearly Reflection Letters and Results! YAAY!

Yearly Reflection Letters and Results! YAAY!

‘FINALLYYYY” - I know that’s what you’re thinking. lol. I just want to say I’m terribly sorry for taking that long. Honestly. I was just so insanely busy that even though I gave this a significant amount of time, I still had a crazy load of things to do and could only manage enough. But anyway, let’s talk about more exciting things! :D


SO. 400 letters have gone out! That calls for a big dance party! :D If you participated, then you can expect one too. I send these letters through Pakistan Post so they take longer, and they aren’t also the most reliable but I don’t really have another choice. Several people had address issues so I had to exclude some, but still, managed a lot. <3 The letters came from the bottom of my heart. I would really appreciate if the letter recipients can email me and let me know if they received their letters and send pictures as well. It' just really adds to the excitement of the whole process you know. :D I’ve been so excited about the letters that I can’t even deal and constantly checking my email to see who received them. Lol 😜 Trust me, if you’re excited about receiving these letters, I’m equally excited about sending them!!


So as promised, I picked three winners among all the participants. These three winners had excellent form submissions. Even though it was quite a challenge to decide as so many people cut too close, I eventually somehow knew these were the people I felt I needed to send the giveaway to. It wasn’t entirely about the things that were shared because no one persons life and issue and more pressing than others, but it was more about the genuine effort put into sharing it and these three girls really did that for me. So please, without any further delay put your hands together for my three winners! 🥳

  1. Khadija Kashif

  2. Munataha Ahmad

  3. Fatima Ali Khan


Congratulations girls! <3 These girls were informed earlier and their excitement was so unreal that it made my heart flutter with happiness! For those of you who didn’t get a letter or win this time around, I honestly HONESTLY wish that if it was physically possible, I would do it for all of you. Don’t lose heart. The campaign runs every year :)


Before I go, I just want to thank everyone who took part and was with me in this. Those forms really really open my heart and help me feel increasingly passionate. I do this exercise not just for you but for me, so that I can step out of my bubble and learn something about the people who follow me and know their stories too!

So much love &

Positive Vibes Only

Humna Raza 💜

Yearly Reflection 2018 - Part I: Gratitude

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