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The Importance of understanding Negative Emotions

The Importance of understanding Negative Emotions

Hiii everyone!

I know I’ve talked about being yourself on my blog way too many times, we’ve also talked about self-reflection and self-love.

Before you get out there and try to be yourself, it’s very important to understand the person you are. Knowing that is called being Self Aware. Self Awareness means understanding your potential, knowing your values, accepting your flaws, enhancing your strengths and empowering the best version of yourself. All this comes from really thinking (see: meditating) about yourself. 

A huge part of understanding yourself lies in getting in touch with your emotions. That means, ALL emotions. Negative and positive both.  We need to (1) ACCEPT, that just like any other human we are capable of all negative emotions (sadness, anger, jealousy, envy, greed, hate) and that in our case they aren’t okay either, only natural.

This further leads to recognition of negative emotions. It’s SUPER necessary to understand that at WHAT point we feel the way we do and also (2) RECOGNIZE which emotion it is i.e to stop confusing anger with sadness, to stop justifying our envy by blaming the person we're envious of. 

Once we recognize what we're feeling - we suddenly have more control over how we express it. Being mindful helps us react in more positive ways to situations that provoke negative emotions. Negative emotions don't necessarily mean negative outcomes, they just need to be dealt with properly. 

The third thing to do is to finally (3) DEAL with how we feel. Dealing mindfully with any negative emotion can change everything about a situation. This way, we tend to express and react in healthier ways rather than ignorantly expressing them in hateful ways. Figure out what you want to do about the way you're feeling. I get too many questions on how I'm so positive? The truth is I’m not. I just try to accept my negative feelings and behavior and make an effort to change them. I personally feel that is the only way to a peaceful mind and a positive attitude because you can't expect not to feel sad/angry/annoyed/jealous/frustrated. That's unfair. Remember you will feel them, but learn to deal with them. Letting them be, suppressing them and finding excuses to think they’re not negative at all is a recipe for disaster. It's not easy but its important to try.

A WHOLE BIG PART OF YOU ARE YOUR NEGATIVE EMOTIONS. So if you're trying to find peace within yourself, HOW CAN YOU IGNORE THEM? 

So start with yourself. The whole of yourself. 

Be you.  

Love and PVO,  

Humna Raza  

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