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Things you should know as a Teenager (Specially the last one!)

Things you should know as a Teenager (Specially the last one!)

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Being a teenager is fun but it’s a complete struggle too! Been there, done that. I feel there are some things that we must be told as teenagers whether we are able to apply them or not. Keeping them in mind is just equally important! I have a teen-aged little sister and I can completely relate to things she tells me about her life. So here’s some advice from someone who’s seen it all, for you! ☺️

1. It’s okay if you and all other people around you are confused. Nobody expects you to have it all figured out. You are allowed to take your time to understand what you want and feel. 🤗

2. Hard work is very important. Not only because it pays off, but it teaches you a TON of life lessons, skills and important values that you will need in future. It’s an important part of learning to grow up. 

3. This is the best time for you to utilise your energy into learning new skills, exploring and experimenting. I know watching random video game YouTube videos is fun..but you can also use YT to learn interesting skills instead. Because when you grow up, you won’t have the time!  😫

4. Anything you learn, whether you eventually make a living out of it or not is going to help you. Having the knowledge of something doesn’t mean you have to specialise in it or turn it into your career. Some things just make a huge part of your personality. There is NOTHING wrong in having a hobby and some extra knowledge. 😌 

5. Nobody is attacking you. As a teenager, everyone keeps telling you to do things but try to understand that your family and parents only care about you. Nobody is out to get you, and they are not your enemy. Take their criticism as valuable opinions, not as attacks. Learn to not be so easily offended. 

6. You don’t have to know ‘who you are’ but you have to know who you are not. You have to have enough strength to understand what you don’t want to turn into, what path you don’t want to tread on, and how you don’t want to end up.  

7. Do not let the society define who you should be. Do not give into unachievable standards. 

8. Take care of YOURSELF. As teenagers, we tend to get really caught up in drama - either our own or our friends. We always feel like our friends only have us, and you only have your friends so you end up doing dumb things to have each other’s back. Do not get overly emotionally invested in your friends problems. They start to hurt you and affect you.  🌸

9. Self - respect. Remember that no matter what happens, you love yourself. So if anything is self-destructive, you won’t ever do it because you respect yourself and will not hurt yourself intentionally. Anything that will hurt you in one way, is NOT good for you in any other way. For example, smoking may look very appealing to calm your over-stressed teenage mind but the truth is..it really isn’t good in any way at all. 🤔

10. Everybody has the right to their opinion. Don’t judge, don’t over impose and don’t over protect anyone. 

11. Learn from your mistakes, and others’ - you are NO different. If their mistakes screwed things up, so will yours!  😱

12. Things have consequences. Think before you act. Your hormones will have you act and over react on impulse! 

13. PLEASE don’t punish yourself for your dumb moves, or screwing things up ENTIRELY sometimes. Forgive yourself.. and don’t do it again. If something goes wrong think about whether it will have any real affect in five years and if not then just move on. 

14. And most importantly, If you don’t feel like it’s you, if you don’t feel it’s right, if you don’t feel like it - JUST don’t do it. :)  


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