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Reveuse Review

Hiii guys! :) 

I don't to too many reviews on my blog but I specially wanted to make a post about Reveuse, which is a clothing brand for sleep and lounge wear. About a month ago they sent me night wear which I only recently started wearing.

I've never really been able to find quality night wear in Pakistan. I bought sleeping pyjamas by another online brand as well and there were all these threads coming out of everywhere. But with Reveuse, Im extremely content and loving the product. The design they sent me wasn't all that but the material, comfort and quality is excellent. 

I've specially put this up for all the girls that have been asking me to find them a good sleep wear brand in Pakistan. Well this is the one, girls. You can stop buying your pyjamas off of random shops and thailas now, or ordering them from abroad. lol. Enjoy your sleep in Reveuse cause comfy PJs are everything!

My Wedding Wardrobe

My Wedding Wardrobe