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Winner winner, chicken dinner!

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

The menu we kept for our little but big azaadi dinner was all desi, obviously. We went for the most authentically Pakistani dishes that we could. 

Our main course included

  • Nehari 
  • Seekh kabab 
  • Biryani (OBVIOUSLY!)
  • Haleem 
  • Chicken Karahee
  • Naan 

There was a lot of choice but we had to pick and choose. 

The haleem and chicken karahee was made by a homemade food startup called Healthy Bites. Safe to say that both the dishes were beyond delicious. Every one loved them. The good thing about ordering from home made and home delivering startups is that it has authentic taste of ghar ka khana and doesn't taste like a hotel. I LOVED the food from Healthy Bites and plan to serve it on any dinners at home in the future as well and not just because of the food but the service, presentation and overall work ethic of these guys. I'm very excited to have found them online! You can find them on instagram as well and order for yourself in future! 

Our biryani was courtesy of 18 stories, because I think they literally have the best biryani in town! <3


  • Rass Malai
  • Peanut Butter and chocolate pasteries
  • Kheer
  • Cake
My Mom's Cold Coffee

My Mom's Cold Coffee