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My Mom's Cold Coffee

My Mom's Cold Coffee

I had to do this one. I just had to. The number of DM's I got for this one the moment i inst-storied it was crazy, so I just had to and I'm glad to! :D

What does it take to make a great cold coffee? It takes my mom haha, ok jk, its actually a VERY simple recipe. Here's how she does it.  




INGREDIENTS [for two!]

  1. Coffee (duh) lol - We're using davidoff (2 heaped teaspoons)
  2. Ice cream - we prefer vanilla (you are free to chose your flavor)
  3. Ice cubes 
  4. Sugar (4 teaspoons for two glasses)
  5. Milk (2  mug size)
  6. Wafers


  1. Put milk, coffe, sugar and 3-4 small ice cream chunks in the blender 
  2. Blend them together for a minute.
  3. Take your serving glass and add ice cubes first
  4. Then add the ice cream chunks to it 
  5. Finally just pour the coffee mixture from the blender.
  6. Separate the froth formed in the blender and add it to the top!
  7. Sprinkle some colourful sprinkles and coffee particles to the top for presentation.
  8. Add a straw and wafers so that it looks pretty and you're ready to go! It's literally that easy! ☺

Hope you love it! Enjoy :D 

Winner winner, chicken dinner!

Winner winner, chicken dinner!