Things that help me have a BETTER day

I REALLY REALLY hope that some of this helps at least one of you. Life can be hard sometimes, I KNOW. Trust me…I know. And some of us have to work for happiness. There is nothing wrong with that. If being happy takes some work, put effort into it, do it. Start with lemon water and a word of gratitude. See the difference.

Things I do to stay positive and the spiral I go down every few months

I get this question so much it’s literally crazy. How do you stay so positive all the time? Umm, I’m also human you guys. I feel down several times but I do put an effort into keeping my chin up and not taking things personally. I mean I try my hardest to take something good out of everything that brings me down and to be honest, it takes conscious effort in the start - then it becomes a habit. (BRAIN REWIRED!)

Things I do to De-stress!

So lately, my life has been TOTALLY CHALLENGING! It has been getting physically and emotionally draining for me. One after another, Allah is testing me and I’ve been trying to come out of it all with patience and strength. People often ask me what I do in times like this to calm my nerves and keep my chin up and I thought I should share that. I practice several things to look after my mental health. These days I often feel like I’m on the verge of breaking down, locking myself up in a room and crying. But before that point comes, I do these things..and they seriously help!

The Happy To-Do List - Week 5

I'm SOO excited to be back here on my website, I can't even explain like.. :OOOO :DDDDD
Anyway, so I'm here again with a list of suggestions of happy things you can do each day of the week and stay grateful and content. YAY! Okay so here goes:


 I recently shared some of my most important life lessons that I hold REALLY close to my heart and try to make sure that I practice in my life. The response on my Instagram story was great so I decided put them down here in a blog post as well. I want to share these because once in a while we all need a reminder and it can help us put a lot of things in perspective.

The Three P's!

Whats up? ADVICE TIME!

I really want to share something that I believe in from the deepest darkest pits of my heart. I have shared it once before on my Instagram as well, but I thought I should may be share it again. I believe in the three P’s that define my entire approach towards life and that have ultimately led to a tonne of contentment, gratitude and ease in my life.

The Happy To-Do List - Week 1

I'm going to be putting down a list of happy things you can do EVERY week, for each day in the week. They will be things that I'll be trying to manage in a week as well and personally feel that make me happy. You always have the choice to pick yours so these are merely suggestions! :)