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Things I do to De-stress!

Things I do to De-stress!

Hiiii there!

So lately, my life has been TOTALLY CHALLENGING! It has been getting physically and emotionally draining for me. One after another, Allah is testing me and I’ve been trying to come out of it all with patience and strength. People often ask me what I do in times like this to calm my nerves and keep my chin up and I thought I should share that. I practice several things to look after my mental health. These days I often feel like I’m on the verge of breaking down, locking myself up in a room and crying. But before that point comes, I do these things..and they seriously help!

The truth is that life isn't always going to be a breeze. There will be times of great difficulty and stress, and there is nobody in the world who literally has it all together all the time. It's not possible.

In one of my previous blog posts, I have talked about how staying positive means dealing with negative emotions. Leaving them and letting them be doesn't solve the problem. So you have to find ways to DEAL and COPE. Here are some healthy ways that I do to help my mind cope.

Write it down!


Alwayyys! It really calms me down. Specially when it's been too long and the stress piles up, writing things down in my journal gives my emotions clarity. Writing in itself, really helps me resolve and reconnect. It's the BEST. (Hence the blogging ;)) It really REALLY calms me down. Once done, I come out with my thoughts and emotions resolved and a clear head to think with.

Colour away

A new found love. A recent discovery of catharsis. I usually switch on a show that's light and comic on the side, and colour away in an adult colouring book. Really let's out the stress and the happy hormones takes over. :) Only yesterday, I wasn’t feeling all that great so I coloured my heart out. Here’s the picture of what I did.


Sleep Well/Calm before Sleep

For a very long time I had no such thing as a night time routine. My night time routine meant changing into Pjs and going to sleep. Lol. But in recent times, I’ve started doing a whole cleansing, moisturizing routine for the skin, a few sips of water, washing my face properly, dabbing almond oil under my eyes and then sleeping. It has really made a difference in how I wake up more than in how I sleep. I wake up so much fresher and so much better. I do the whole regime with Muzamil as well. Step by step. (Haha, thats part of the routine too. He likes it!)


Let some things go, you don’t have to do everything

If circumstances are unusual, then it's necessary to let the unnecessary things go. For example, if I'm overworked with the blog, or work, or may be falling sick, or feeling down then I don't HAVE to organize the clothes or cook or do random chores. The food can always be ordered in and the room can turn into a dumpster for a day. IT'S OKAY. When there is time and health, it can be done.

Watch something relaxing

Mindless comic shows are the best. I mean sitcoms. Don't watch thrillers in stressful times. Getting your mind to release enough endorphins is important so get a good laugh. Watch a fun show. I usually put on Kim's Convenience. It's cute, funny and kinda silly at the same time with no intense story line. 

Practice Mindfulness

My favourite and so easy. Mindfulness is listening to a song, and actually listening to it. Mindfulness is drinking water and actually focusing on every sip that passes down your throat. Mindfulness is looking at something, and actually thinking about what you're looking at and not thinking about something else, for example a tree, a bird, a cloud, a smile, anything. Mindfulness is also breathing and focusing on each breath. Taking fifteen minutes out of a day to be mindful is life-changing. Pakka waada.


Pray + Believe

Okay this is also my favourite. No real peace ever comes until I speak to Allah Taala about my problems. Gotta let it all out and tell Him to fix the mess and ease the problems. I personally feel that my prayers are always answered when I reinforce in my prayers that He is the only One who actually solves the problems, who actually makes things okay and that nothing ever gets better without His will. I always remind Allah that my belief in Him is FULL and that He will listen. Then He never disappoints. He listens. Believing that things will get better is 50% of things getting better. Iss baat pay 100% emaan hay. 


It's not a sign of weakness. It doesn't mean you're giving up. Its your body's normal reaction to a negative emotion. Let the body do it's thing.  I cry and feel better all the time. Bohot ronnay aa rahay hain tau nikalnay dena chahyay, dil halka hotta hay :) Koi wajah hay kay Allah nay hamain ronay ki ability di. Bus ye kaha kay kabhi mayoos na hona, wo nahi hona chahyay.

So that’s about it I guess. These are just some of the things I do for myself. I hope they help you too. I hope that whatever problems you may have, you may get through them and come out of them much stronger. I hope that you have the patience to get through them and that these tips can make the process much easier for you. :)

Lots of love and Positive Vibes Only,

Humna Raza

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