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The Happy To-Do List - Week 1

The Happy To-Do List - Week 1

Hiii Everyone! 

I'm going to be putting down a list of happy things you can do EVERY week, for each day in the week. They will be things that I'll be trying to manage in a week as well and personally feel that make me happy. You always have the choice to pick yours so these are merely suggestions! :)

Happy Things To Do - Week 1

  • Monday - Listen to an old song I can always ALWAYS sing along to! Preferably from teen years that made you rock, cry, dance, jump! While you listen, BELT IT OUT. :P My choice could be Happy Ending by Avril Lavigne. 

  • Tuesday - Take a short walk outside around 5.30ish when the weathers slightly settled. Make the short walk meditative by being mindful of each step taken, and everything AROUND. No other thoughts!

  • Wednesday - Cook something. That could even mean making a super simple sandwich. Bread, salami, and lettuce. Viola!

  • Thursday - Pray. Make a heartfelt prayer about everything you want from life. Talk to God. Tell him everything. 

  • Friday - Play a game. Any game. Board game, card game, fruit ninja, 4 pics 1 word, Temple Run, Ludo.

  • Saturday - Spend time with someone that makes you happy! For me it's my baby niece! 

  • Sunday - Sleep like there's no tomorrow! 
The Three P's!

The Three P's!