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Things that help me have a BETTER day

Things that help me have a BETTER day

Hi friends,

Aap say kuch aisa share karna tha jo mere liyay life main INTEHAI faiday mand saabit hua hay. Today I’m sharing some things that help me have a better, happier and more productive day. I mean, if I feel something has really worked for me, then why not share it with you!

For me, there are two things that define how much of a productive day I’m going to have:

  1. How I start my day

  2. What is my attitude towards today

I generally have more productive days when I do the following things:

  • I have water in the morning. Better yet - lemon water. I keep the lemon on my bed-side the night before so that I still have it in case I’m too lazy in the morning to go get it. I squeeze out half a lemon in a glass of water and chug it down. INSTANT hydration and energy.

  • I make my bed. This sends a message to your brain that hello..bed times over. The bed is not yours to sleep in anymore. I don’t always get to do this because muzamil leaves after me and he’s usually still sleeping. So what I actually do is, I come and fix it up AFTER work ( along with the rest of my room.) WHICH BTW, helps even more. Lol. It stops me from crashing, and helps me focus my energy towards something more productive. It’s a small activity that helps me past the nap that I want to take, which is suddenly CANCELLED when I make the bed, and once I’m done..I just move on to a more productive task.

  • I make and eat my breakfast. Sometimes, ONLY very occasionally, I skip breakfast. It’s a disaster. I’m so much more efficient at work when I’m fed and more importantly caffeinated. CAFFEINE deprivation is SO real.

  • I usually try to dress up for work. IT REALLY helps. The sloppier I look, the sloppier I feel. The more effort you put into yourself in the morning, the better you perform. You know why? It’s because it’s a simple gesture which reminds your body and yourself that you value it, take care of it, and consider it important. And of course, the better you are going to feel about yourself, the more encouraged you feel to be productive.

  • I pray. Doesn’t need a lot of explanation!


All the things above are ones that I have personally noticed to have made a difference in my productivity, but what else matters equally is, like I mentioned, your attitude towards the day. Here are some tips for a better attitude towards your day:

  • Be grateful about today being here when you wake up. God has given you another shot at life. Another day for you to live.

  • All day, celebrate your smallest wins and goals achieved. (“DONE DONE DONE!”)

  • Focus completely and entirely on yourself. No drawing comparisons with others. You are not running out of time. You have your own pace and learning and that’s okay.

  • Be kind to yourself. Don’t hurt yourself over things left undone. If you’re unhappy and not having a productive day then forget about it and take a nap. Remind yourself that if God wills, tomorrow will be another day for you (this will also automatically make no.1 happen) and you can start all over.

  • Have a problem solving attitude. Learn to identify and solve your problems instead of overly thinking about them in circles.

  • Last but not the least, stay positive. How bad is actually bad? And what’s the worse that could happen?

I REALLY REALLY hope that some of this helps at least one of you. Life can be hard sometimes, I KNOW. Trust me…I know. And some of us have to work for happiness. There is nothing wrong with that. If being happy takes some work, put effort into it, do it. Start with lemon water and a word of gratitude. See the difference.

Lots of love and positive vibes only,

Humna Raza

Things I do to stay positive and the spiral I go down every few months

Things I do to stay positive and the spiral I go down every few months