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My favourite SUPER talented people on Instagram! <3

My favourite SUPER talented people on Instagram! <3

So I’ve been following a few people on Instagram that I absolutely LOVE. Some of them have great content, others are super creative and doing wonderful things in their genres. Here are some of those accounts that I follow, and really wanted to share with you.


SO TALENTED. This girl doesn’t have just one but multiple talents. She can sing. She can play the keyboard. She can play the ukelele. She does poetry, writes BEAUTIFULLY and even has her own book!! (Which I also have, BTW). Oh, and she’s also a med student. Orooj is a breath of fresh air from your usual content. Her words are breath-taking, that can really make you feel something. Her book called ‘Home and other Debris’ is all sorts of real. It’s one of the best things I’ve read in a really long time!
Instagram: @oroojezafarwrites


Nadiya Najib

The most dedicated blogger EVER. Blog after blog; EVERY single blog is so well researched, and so well put. No nonsense; all her blogs are useful. From organizing your kitchen, toilets, legal documents and tips on relationships, Nadiya Najib covers EVERYTHING. She is also very active on her Instagram stories and they’re fun to watch. I think we need more bloggers like Nadiya Najib on the internet!
Instagram: @nadiyanajibblogs


Aaez Raza

My brother is an AHMAZINGLY talented artist. Pencils are his best friend and the attention to detail is mind blowing (I mean, LOOK at the elephants!) These are some of my favourite works of art by him. He doesn’t like too much attention and projection, but that’s okay because his work is BRILLIANT and deserves appreciation.
Instagram: @aaezraza


Rizwan Basir

Fashion blogging like a boss, it’s great to see a man talk about fashion. Lots of women on the internet but where do boys go for fashion inspo? Rizwan Basir tells them how to wear it better. His work is genuine and useful both. Again. no nonsense, just some real fashion blogging! My personal favourite are his Riz Tips. Small but life changing fashion tips for men.
Instagram: @rizwanbasir


Hamza Bhatti

Hamza Bhatti’s feed is always aesthetically pleasing. I LOVE his instagram pictures and captions! He also makes vlogs that are fun to watch. I think as a person on the internet, he’s underrated and undiscovered, but deserves a lot more appreciation for his work. You MUST check him out.
Instagram: @hamzathebhatti


Okay so there are A LOT MORE people but I actually don’t want to divide the attention too much :P I’ll post about the others another time. For now, these people will be a great addition to your Instagram feed with something good to learn from them everyday. I could have given them random shout-outs on my story but that doesn’t say enough about them and the fact that I actually follow them and love their work. Check them out and show some love! Thank you!

Lots of love and Positive Vibes Only,

Humna Raza

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Mind Over Matter - Stories of Bilal, Tahmeena and Iqra