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God has been immensely kind. On the evening before our trip, we didn’t know where we were going and where we were going to stay. Everywhere we wanted a booking just wouldn’t work out. I planned this and I planned that but it constantly felt like this isn’t what God wills. There was either no booking available, too expensive, too far, or not good enough - one thing or another! When we had finally finally decided on a place that was costing us an arm and leg, that too with a 100% payed in advance and with uncertainty of how the place was going to be; Allah Tala stepped in. HEAR THIS. (I MEAN READ)

Muzamil got a DM on his instagram from this account (@chinar.resort) asking if we could come stay at their resort at some point in Ramzan later. They offered a one night stay in return for showing the place around to our respective audiences?!!?!?! Muzamil responded back asking if this could be arranged the following morning and they agreed. MATLAB!?!?!? This is NO coincidence you guys. This is Allah Tala not letting us figure all the stuff out previously, so that this could happen. GOD WAS ON OUR SIDE - His plan was only different. It felt like a gift. I felt inside my heart ‘thank you Allah <3’ repeatedly over and over. None of the places we were considering before were truly offering what we wanted and we were having to spend a lot. But Allah solved that problem. This meant this trip was good for us. This meant this trip was needed. This meant this trip was in Allah’s hands and I felt the need to not worry about anything anymore.

SO we left around 13.00 and reached at 15.30. SAFE to say the resort was PERFECT. Our goal for the trip was nothing adventurous. It was just relaxation, mental peace and time ALONE without worrying about responsibilities. Chinar Resort offered exactly that. We stayed two days and one night and didn’t feel the need to step out. We spent the entire time at the resort and ate there as well - which is what we wanted.

Muzamil had challenged me to work and improve on my photography skill on this trip, so I did that. He taught me many many things. I took lots of pictures, videos, and THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. We played games too. This trip gave me and Muzamil the chance to sit and talk for hours about things that never took our time or attention because of life and things. It also gave us the chance to reflect on a lot of the past and be grateful to Allah Talah for it.


We left the resort the next day around 14.00 and travelled to Abbottabad, which is THE highlight of the trip. BECAUSE the views between the two locations are OUT OF THIS WORLD once you cross Nathia Galli. It’s a road LESS traveled and there are no towns in the middle as such, so its just lots and lots and lots of beauty. It was a great, gorgeous road trip of about 2 hrs and 4o mins. We listened to some great music, didn’t talk much and just saw what there was to see!

Not much after that. I was born in Abbottabad so I was just very excited to be there. Just randomly like omg I was born here omg. Bus AIWEN excited. Lol. Anyway, we chilled in Abbottabad and returned home the next day. Perfect way to spend our 2nd anniversary and resolve the mental disaster that my mind was going through. Letting go and getting away REALLY REALLY gave me the perspective I needed. I WAS REBORN IN ABBOTTABAD and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for it. <3



Way too many of you asked me to share the songs you heard on my stories. Here is a list:

  1. Jo Tu Na Mila - Asim Azhar

  2. Jahan Tu Chala - Gully Boy

  3. Main Theme from the Last of the Mohicans - The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

  4. The Night King - Game of Thrones

  5. Somewhere Only We Know - Lilly Allen


They had very comfortable rooms, fully equipped bathrooms, hot water, room service, courteous staff, excellent cleanliness, generator, snow machines, and security.

The resort offered GREAT food, views, trails for walks, a golf club, a restaurant for dine in, and outside seating areas.

A single night stay costs 14000 PKR which IS A LOT I feel, specially for people coming in from far off who HAVE to stay for more than just one night but it’s worth the stay. For what they offer, it’s reasonable. If you’re looking for that experience then that is how much it costs…I guess.

Karachi - Day 1

Karachi - Day 1