My Bridal Shower - DIY

he best thing about my CUTE AS ANYTHING Bridal Shower was that it was so perfectly DIY-ed. I loved how everything was so meticulously put together - (my friends put in some serious effort and I can not be any more grateful). It wasn't overly elaborate, it was pretty and it was indoors and more than anything it was majorly fun. Here's how they put it together!

Barat Look

Alright, I already posted on my instagram what idea I had behind the look. It was supposed to be a princessy, super shiny, blingy look and so I went with gold and pink. Unfortunately, or fortunately I didn't have enough time to get my clothes designed by a designer since I had a month of prep only. Designers take orders 4-5 MONTHS before :O lol.

The Big Day

When I woke up in the morning of THE DAY, I was completely chill. Almost felt like any other day because I didn't have much to do besides going to the parlour at 2. Funny as it is, when I left for the parlour I realised I hadn't kept my clothes! Can you imagine? Lol.

My Dholki

I wore a blue lehgna with a yellow choli. There was no 'kaam' as such. I just bought blue and yellow silk, with an embroided pattern so this outfit was literally NO EFFORT. But it was JUST what I wanted, teehee :D

Muzamil and I tied the knot on 20th June, 2014. I was studying in Lahore, so we spent 2.5 years in separate cities up until I moved back to Islamabad (where my family was) in December. Once I moved back, it completely stopped making sense to both of us as to why we were married but not starting a life together just because 'rukhsatti nai hui thi'