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Muzamil and I tied the knot on 20th June, 2014. I was studying in Lahore, so we spent 2.5 years in separate cities up until I moved back to Islamabad (where my family was) in December. Once I moved back, it completely stopped making sense to both of us as to why we were married but not starting a life together just because 'rukhsatti nai hui thi' - I mean specially considering we had tons of plans laid out for us, and many many dreams that involved the both of us, life almost felt like it was just...at a halt for no reason. Not moving..just because.

So, I think Muzamil had literally had enough! He came up to me some time in the last week of March claiming that he just wants the wedding to happen now, and cannot wait till December. I was pretty sure I wanted the same, but I was slightly shocked and confused about how we're going to make it happen. He suggested that if I didn't have a problem with it, and didn't have a grand dream wedding in mind, then he wants to formalize everything with a simple valima and thats all. 

We took the matter to the parents, and it was finally decided that we move the wedding up to May, but they get to decide how it goes, lol because at the end of the day we are their kids and they have dreams for us too! We had SIX WEEKS. SIX WEEKS to prepare from scratch, and I'm super proud of myself for being able to pull it off WITHOUT losing my mind over the wedding or turning into bridezilla (I STILL DON'T BELIEVE IT. :D). Everything worked out, and the wedding happened, and I realized that it may have been difficult to manage on such short notice but a wedding is only as stressful as you chose to make it. So yeah. You know what they say: All is well that ends well. :D

More details and blog posts soon. Love and positive vibes. 

My Dholki

My Dholki