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My Bridal Shower - DIY

My Bridal Shower - DIY

The best thing about my CUTE AS ANYTHING Bridal Shower was that it was so perfectly DIY-ed. I loved how everything was so meticulously put together - (my friends put in some serious effort and I can not be any more grateful). It wasn't overly elaborate, it was pretty and it was indoors and more than anything it was majorly fun. Here's how they put it together!

     Flower Crown

Hand-made by my hard-working friend Maida :p using a wire to give shape, and adding fresh flowers on it.

Bride-To-Be Sash

Made out of lacey white cloth and purple glittery sticker sheet for text purposes.

·        Bridesmaid tags/badges

Also hand- made out of craft material, text added using markers and star shaped sticker cut out and placed on one end for sticking purposes


1. Backdrop – Shimmery cloth and fresh flowers

2. Letter H – Cut out of thermapore and decorated using fresh flowers

3. Hand-made props

4.  Hand-made photo frame



Obviously the most fun, and R-rated part(HEHE) of the entire event. We played a whole lotta games but I’m only naming a few here along with pictures of printables we used (click to enlarge)

1.  How well do you know the bride?

2. Ten Questions about the bride and groom

3. Who is going to do it?

4. Advice for a bride on her wedding night


 Giveaways – For the Bride and Friends

For the friends that showed up, we had nail polish giveaways, each one read “Here’s to getting nailed for life” just to be punny and cute lol. EVERYONE forgot to take them though!

I got to take home notes that my friends wrote for me –"My favourite memory of us" and ping pong balls that had mostly one to three word things written on them that reminded them of me and it could either be a nickname, a song, an inside joke etc.

There was no particular theme for the bridal shower. It was girly, and flowery, and shiny haha and that’s pretty much all I hoped for! :D

I got my hair and make up done from Numra Make up Studios (Instagram - numrams
I bought my dress from Top Shop Islamabad (I literally bought it one day before :')

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